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“Finstagram,” more commonly known as “finsta,” stands for “fake Instagram,”–an up-and-coming social media trend that students across the Roanoke College campus are participating in.

Finsta is being used as a forum for people to express themselves to their friends, typically in a humorous way and that is why some Instagram users love the concept of finsta. It can be used to make fun of yourself, to share something exciting and bizarre, or simply any thoughts that come through your mind. For a lot of people, it is a way to post photos that would not be appropriate on a personal account where relatives and potential employers would see it.

These accounts give people the freedom for a more personal and honest, portrayal of themselves on social media that might not be widely accepted by those who view your personal account. A finsta makes it easy to share these photos with specific friends because typically the account name is not associated with the person’s real name, and so the only people who would know where to follow the account would be those who the person chooses.


Many people use the fake Instagram accounts to post photos that would otherwise be inappropriate, such as drinking or doing illegal activities.

But with all of the positive aspects, the concept of finsta isn’t without controversy. It makes some people question the type of image a friend is trying to project on these accounts. In social media culture, users post photos of themselves under with the excuse of it being to simply share photos with their friends, but the reality has become that the photos people post are specifically chosen to represent who they are as a person. This means there are those who judge the finsta accounts and see it as a way to project yourself in an inappropriate manner and these people question the psychological reasoning behind the need for a finsta account.

Some people think those who use finsta use it as a ploy to get attention. With the rise of Instagram as the popular form of social media, and over ninety percent of teenagers in the United States having Instagram accounts, the younger generation is already using every moment of their life as some kind of Vogue photo shoot. An Instagram account has become work for the youth of our culture because this is where they learn how to create themselves and present their personality.

It takes a lot of skill to make sure something that important is done right. Finsta accounts help to relieve some of the stress associated with personal Instagram accounts because they allow users to post content, such as embarrassingly funny stories, in a more relaxed environment. With these accounts being a more free space of expression, finstas, in my opinion, bring a greater sense of credibility to this social media outlet because it is a closer projection of reality.


Finsta users view this use of social media as a form of greater self-expression and argue that there is no harm in telling a story. Almost all finsta users keep their account private, meaning they only accept follow requests from certain people, typically their friends. It is a way to express feelings, thoughts, and experiences to a variety of people without having to explain the story numerous times.

I have a finsta myself and I find it to be a fun way to swap stories and share videos with other users.

If you are a closet funny person, I would suggest having a finsta. It will give people the laugh that they need to get through school or work, and what is better than making people laugh? End of story: 10/10 would recommend.

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